2005 CNNP Lao Shu Yuan Cha raw (sheng) pu erh tea cake 357g

Spring raw (sheng) pu erh tea cake from wild arbor tree (qiao mu) in Menghai.
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How to make CNNP Lao Shu Yuan Cha tea?

There are two methods to prepare this pu erh tea cake:

Gongfu brewing

Brew 8 gram with 120 ml of water at 100 °C. Steep for 15 seconds and add 5 seconds for each infusion.

Western brewing

Steep 4 gram with 350 ml of water at 100 °C. Apply a brewing time of 2-3 minutes and add 1 minutes for each subsequent infusion.

More Information
Year 2005
Season Spring
Origin Menghai
Leaf grade wild arbor tree (qiao mu)
Varietal (cultivar) large leaf Assamica (Da Ye Zhong)
Batch 1
Compression tight
Type raw (sheng)
Brand CNNP
Series/recipe Lao Shu Yuan Cha
Shape pu erh tea cake
Weight 357g
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