2005 Mu Zhi Old Tea Nuggets ripe (shou) lao cha tou tea 150g

Spring ripe (shou) lao cha tou tea from natural tea gardens in Yunnan. Taste profile: cream, cacao, mellow.
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How to make Mu Zhi Old Tea Nuggets tea?

There are two methods to prepare this lao cha tou tea:

Gongfu brewing

Brew 8 gram with 150 ml of water at 100 °C. Steep for 30 seconds and add 10 seconds for each infusion.

Western brewing

Steep 5 gram with 350 ml of water at 100 °C. Apply a brewing time of 4-5 minutes and add 30 seconds for each next infusion.

More Information
Year 2005
Season Spring
Origin Yunnan
Leaf grade natural tea gardens
Varietal (cultivar) large leaf Assamica (Da Ye Zhong)
Production date 5 Jan 2005
Batch 1
Compression loosely compressed
Type ripe (shou)
Brand Mu Zhi
Series/recipe Old Tea Nuggets
Shape lao cha tou tea
Weight 150g
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