Rewards Program

Our reward program is the complete opposite of an airline reward program: it’s simple. Learn how you can earn and spend reward points.

How to join?

To earn and spend reward points you need to register an account on our site. Afterwards, you simply login before you place orders.

How to earn rewards?

There are two ways to earn reward points:

  • For every €1,00 spend you receive 5 reward points.
  • You also receive 100 free reward points when you subscribe to our newsletter.
How many points do I have?

On the ‘Reward Points’ page inside your account, you can see your current balance and reward points history (rewards earned and spent). You can also see the amount of points you own own the shopping cart page.

How to spend my points?

Every reward point is worth 0,01 and can be used as cash to purchase goods on our site. You can apply reward points on the shopping cart page. Please note that you should be logged in to spent your points.