Pu erh tea subscription

In the near future, we'll offer bi-monthly subscriptions on pu erh tea for just 19,95. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know!

What you'll get

5 samples, each consisting of 16 grams of pu erh tea. 1 sample is good for 2-3 session of tea. The sample set will consist of an combination of raw and ripe pu erh teas from different regions and mountains in China. Occasionally, up to 1 out of the 5 teas can be a different type of tea (green, black, oolong or white tea).


You'll receive a set of sample packs every 2 months.


For just €19,95 you can steep up to 90 cups of different teas every two months.

Availability for re-order

Every sample you receive are also available on our website. In other words, if you like particular samples, you can re-order more and stock up.